What resolutions do you have in mind for 2008?

I've got a few noodling around in my head. First and foremost is that I will get my head back in the books-2008, I WILL go back to school. I need to get those two CLEPs out of the way. I'm debating whether I should go to the graduation ceremony-graduates don't walk the stage. Then, if I get this act together quick enough, I'll start the education program in July.

Next up is to get in better shape. The leg is probably about where it's going to be, now I've got to exercise and adapt to the changes. Perhaps I need to get the physical therapy ball rolling, but I think I have a date with the iPod and crocs to walk a half hour a day several times a week. Too bad I can't dictate the blog while doing that, because it'd mean I walk every day AND blog.

Another one needs the okay of someone else. I'd like to catalog the photographs my stepdad has. He's gotten the short end of the stick since Mom passed because he takes care of his health. No emergency 'you have to come now' calls from him-that's not his style. As a result, he hasn't seen much of us. However, he's talking about moving to NY, so I should spend time with him while he's still here. The way I see it, if he's okay with my project, I'll spend a couple of days each month visiting with him.

I think those are pretty stout resolves.


anonymoose said…
now you can begin to accomplish those projects that were blocked out of your mind, like cleaning under the stove, or wiping down all of the exterior windows.

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