Making this Christmas Memorable...

Ed is DA MAN! Based on informed suggestions, I sent him over to Game Stop yesterday for a coveted Wii, after calling and getting the "we MAY be getting some". That's retail speak to CYA when you're scheduled to receive something and it gets stuck somewhere en route.

He spent an hour at the chosen Game Stop and the UPS man had no Wiis. However, the employee suggested he come back today. If they didn't arrive today, then tomorrow he could put his name on a waiting list for the ones they will most definitely get next week.

This morning, he was back at Game Stop. He was customer number 4 at 11am when I called during my bank run. If they only got one box, we'd be out of luck, since each box contains three Wiis. He waited patiently, as we had a Zen approach to it. If it is meant to be under the tree, it will happen.

He called me about 45 minutes later and he was ecstatic. We have a Wii! This will be the memorable Christmas for our game crazed children. So, if you happen to talk to Ed, give him major kudos for scoring the present the boys will talk about for a looooong time.

Thanks, Honey. You're AWESOME. Oh, and I think I'll be up for some Bowling on Christmas Day, lol! Any chance we can get our hands on a camcorder to record the reaction to Gaming Nirvana under the tree?


jaime said…
I was hoping to use our teenager as my excuse to get a wii this year! Unfortunately for me he wants a ps3 instead. I WANT TO PLAY WITH THE CUTE NINTENDO CHARACTERS!!!
Jill said…
I <3 my Wii. It will be pried out of my cold dead hands :) Super Mario Galaxy is probably the best game I've *ever* played and coming in January is Mario Kart for the Wii. I can't wait!

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