Food, glorious food

News from the land of food:

A couple of nights before Christmas, we had Mellow Mushroom for dinner. Chef jr was insistent that he was having anchovies. We'd said if he wanted to try it, that was fine-so we got him a personal size. The verdict? Anchovies 1, Chef 0.

They impart good flavor, but the oil is so concentrated that you probably could have put one anchovy on the thing and the oil would have seeped out onto the whole thing with plenty of flavor to spare. At least he wasn't devastated by not liking them!

Last night, we used the gift certificate my boss gave me for Christmas and went to Red Lobster. Yum! When the server took our drink order, I told him we'd definitely order an appetizer when he came back-we just needed to choose one. As soon as the words left my mouth, I had two men insisting we were getting the lobster fondue. No complaints from me.

Three of us made short work of it (Gameboy passed on this one, but he'll sometimes join in). Chef was so entranced with the lobster/cheese blend that he proceeded to pull every last morsel of cheese off the sourdough bowl. He was actually disappointed when the server took the bowl away, "there was still cheese on that!" (maybe a drop or three.)

He got the kid's crab legs, but wanted Shrimp Scampi, too. Back in the old days, he'd request "Shrimp with Juice." It's been a favorite since he was around 2. I ordered enough shrimp to share and Ed got the Crab Alfredo. Gameboy wanted Popcorn Shrimp.

Our kids are funny. When Ed asked Gameboy how he liked his shrimp, the realization set in that the child had been silent because he'd eaten every last morsel of his meal. Good deal. Chef, well, he had mom and dad pulling meat out of the crab legs for him, what's not to like? He did some of the work but Ed did most of it.

When he ate every bite, he said his usual after a yummy seafood meal, "I just took a trip to heaven with a side trip to paradise" Feed the kid seafood and you'll hear it, too.

Yes, it's a chain, but when a chain makes all of us happy, we'll be there. I'm kinda bummed I didn't have any leftovers to enjoy today!


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