eBay rocks!

I have said it before, but I love eBay. If you know what you're looking for, you can find some great things at great prices. Sometimes, people don't know how to list what they're selling-and you win out because you're proficient at stealth searching. ;)

Lately, I've got a little scratch in the Pay Pal account and I've been going after books. I've got a handful of authors that I like to own the books. If they're going to get read over and over, it just makes sense.

For instance, one of the latest acquisitions is the latest Faye Kellerman book. She has a series of books about LAPD detective Peter Decker and his wife, Rina (nee Lazarus). I'm a sucker for a well written mystery/police procedural and this series delivers the goods. On top of that, the couple observes Orthodox Judaism and the religion and its rituals fascinate me.

A friend turned me on to her books when I was holed up in the hospital for nine days with that DVT. I plowed through four or five titles in a couple of weeks and then the dreaded two to three year wait between titles began. The other authors Kristin offered up didn't appeal. I have yet to get more than two chapters into a Janet Evanovich and I trudged through one of Jonathan Kellerman's. I have yet to pick up any of his others-nor have I dared to read Faye's other series. I'm afraid they won't be as enjoyable as the old friends Peter and Rina have become.

Today's mail brought old favorites I've mentioned before. Dr. Deck, in 7th grade, required my English class to read "The White Mountain" by John Christopher. He mentioned offhand that if you liked the book, he had others for you to read. I finished the book in either one or two nights and in less time than it took my classmates to read the first book, I'd read the whole series. Now I've got the paperbacks in pristine condition. This is really cool-used and new starting at over fifty dollars, and I'm looking at a new set that cost me far less! Yes, it's sci fi for adolescents, but even thirty years later, I found the first book to be a nail biter.

Sometimes, I read something and later lament that I didn't buy a copy. Such is the case with one of the Meg Cabot books, Boy Meets Girl. She's written this one (and two others) as if they're emails/pda/journal entries among the characters. It's very disconcerting at first, but once you get used to the style, it's cute. She's one of those authors that I'll pick up any of her books, because it's guaranteed to be fun.

A former coworker, Jenn, turned me on to Marian Keyes with "Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married". I wrote last month about getting the latest in the Walsh family saga, "Anybody Out There?" As each book comes out, I love the wit and family interaction-but this one had me crying and laughing all on the same page.

Those are my latest finds from the Internet yard sale we know as eBay. Since I've still got some fun money left, I think I'll be looking for the Katie MacAllisters I'm missing, catching up on the missing Tom Clancys and the rest of the Nelson DeMille John Corey series. Yes, my tastes are eclectic, I will never deny that. Fortunately, eBay is even more eclectic-they've got it all. Best part is that if I don't like the price, I can wait to purchase the books until the price is what I'm willing to pay.

Maybe I should sell off those Evanoviches that are collecting dust! It'll make some Stephanie Plum fan happy and give me more money to buy my favorites...


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