I'd say it's a habit...

Since October 22, I have only missed two days of blogging. It's past the middle of December and Holidailies is going strong. There are boring posts, but hey, that's life. I'm looking at things each day to see if they're blog worthy. At that, I've still left the list of topics alone so far this month.

Those of you who were with me before NaBloPoMo, are you sick of me writing every day? Do you like coming to the blog and finding something new every day? Is there a January blogging event?


You put up good content, and it is fun to read : D

Grandy said…
No worries, Suzanne! You're doing a great job. I didn't sign up for the December thing...but let me know if there's a January thing and I'll do it with you. December has been nuts. ;)

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