Virus Alert!!!

In the past week, I've had two attempts at infecting my machine with viruses, and a friend's machine got infected with a trojan keylogger.

Please, please, PLEASE-do NOT open any attachments if you are unsure of what they are.

The ones I received:

On Facebook: You got so buusted by our tiiny spy camera..

Via email: Robin sent you some photos via Tagged.

Let's be careful out there, folks. If it's coming to you and you're not expecting it or are unfamiliar with the link, treat it as you would an unsolicited email from your bank/ebay/amazon/paypal and avoid it until you can verify with the person sending it.

More than likely, they're sending an email around to tell you NOT to open that email! Such is the case with both items sent my way. The Facebook one, I actually opened the email, but not the 'click this link to see', because it didn't seem kosher.

Just spreading the word in case you haven't had this happen to you...


Grandy said…
Oh I've gotten the tagged emails but didn't know the names of who had "sent" them. Thank you for the warning!! Happy Sunday lovely lady!! :)
I couldn't believe I got scammed like that.
Suzanne said…
Robin, I got two more today-and not from people you know, so it wouldn't be a domino effect. It's spreading.

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