Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

A search that brought someone to the blog this week gave me an easy topic. Well, that and the fact that I got friended on Facebook by someone I've known since FIRST GRADE, who told me I will forever be Suzie. (sorry, not many people get away with calling me that-Julie does, by virtue of using it for twelve years of school.) I'd mentioned name songs a while back and that when I worked at the radio stations, I was going to do a drop in with my name from various songs.

Back then, that meant a long time with a V block, reel to reel tape and a razor. Nowadays, it's a simple matter with my iTunes library and a few minutes of editing in a simple editing program.

So, in the event that someone else is looking for name songs, here's the list of songs that would have made a little montage. (Note, Sue, Suzie and Suzanne must be first names in order to make my list-I am not a middle name!)

I Love You, Suzanne-Lou Reed
Suzie Q-Creedence Clearwater Revival
Runaround Sue-Dion and the Belmonts
Suzanne- Journey
Wake Up, Little Suzie-Everly Brothers
Little Suzie-Styx
Suzie Lightning-Warren Zevon
That's My Little Suzie-Ritchie Valens
Suzie Baby-Bobby Vee
Fire and Rain-James Taylor (for the line "Suzanne the plans they made put an end to you")
Suzanne-James Taylor (apparently, he wasn't done singing about Suzanne)
Suzanne-Leonard Cohen
Suzie Blue-Ben Harper

There are others out there, but I'd put ones I like in my little jingle thingy.

I had no idea how many songs there are out there with my name!

How about you? Any good name songs out there for your name?


daysgoby said…
As far as I know, the only song that has anything close to my name is Jessie's Girl, that old chestnut from Rick Springfield. But that's about a guy, so does it count?
daysgoby said…
(shouldn't have hit publish) Now if you went by my BLOGname, there are a TON.

Keith Urban - Days Go By
Lifehouse - Days Go By
Dirty Vegas - Days Go By
Marvin Gaye - Sweeter As The Days Go By
Baby Bash - Days Go By

(those are all different songs!)

and the one that my site was named after:
Talking Heads: Once In A Lifetime
(the line is letting the days go by...)

And I'm wrong - Jewel did a song named Jessica.
Jeff said…
I've got one that you may not have heard before --it's not easy to find, but I did mange on limewire:

Satisfy Suzie -- Lonnie Mack

It's a great little number.


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