What's For Dinner Wednesday Thursday

Last night, I had plans of an Asian style stir fry. However, studying kept me from getting my chicken into the marinade until a few hours before dinner time, and I preferred that the meat have a good long soak.

Instead, last night we had the chicken in marinade that I've featured before. Tonight was deliciousness delayed. Ginger infused rice and Asian Chicken Braise:

If you are curious, google Junior League's Asian Pork Tenderloin recipe. You can use that marinade for pork, chicken, beef or shrimp. I braised the chicken with onions and multicolored peppers, made a cornstarch slurry and got a nice sauce out of that pan, too.

Some things are worth the wait.


Vixen said…
It is only 9:26am and now I am already starving for dinner. Going to check out that marinade!

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