Musing the Selling Options

Thanks to the fun of last month, this month is going to be interesting. Ed went back to work Saturday after three weeks out of work. I had some hiccups in reviving my Unemployment claim. This means there is NO money coming in until June 23rd.

The problem is there is rent to pay, along with water, electric, cable/internet and car insurance-not to mention Game Teen's medications. I have to admit, we don't have much to deal with, but when you have no money, these things are overwhelming. The bright side is that when we both have decent jobs again (even one of us at this point), we will be in great shape. We have been making do on about two grand a month. A decent job means we'll be able to get rid of the credit card billss and change the cell phone arrangement currently in place.

I've got stuff that we're not using and want to get rid of, but how to do it? Ebay has been a so so channel for selling. We had two yard sales last year, one at our house, one at the in laws, because our location in the neighborhood is not condusive to getting a lot of traffic. The better of the two efforts netted about $100 bucks.

The problem with that is some of these things won't get serious consideration at a yard sale. Thus, the question-Craig's List, Flea Market, Ebay or other channels that I haven't considered?

What am I selling? Lots of Disney stuff. If I can get what I paid for them, I've got a few sericels and a gallery framed print (the sericels aren't cheap, that's why I won't yard sale them). Mugs, clothes, toys still in boxes and stuff like that.

Any of you readers have experience with the options besides eBay that want to share some tips and the pitfalls to avoid?

My goal is to get the bills covered, the meds paid for and pay for our portion of a family trip to Virginia in July. (I'm working another trip thingy, but that would be 100% covered by a sponsor if I go).

Your thoughts, ideas and experiences with the various selling mediums is encouraged and appreciated. If you don't want to comment publicly, email me at the blog name at gmail dot com.



Elaine said…
I have sold a TON of stuff via Craig's List. I would make sure I had at least one picture of it and relist it every 2 days if there was no bite. I think I've sold about $300 worth of stuff in about a months time span. Most of it was baby stuff.

I also sold some jewelry. 14K gold netted me a lot of money and it was seriously just stuff I never wore anymore (somethings I got as gifts that I wore maybe once). Went to my local trusted jeweler and got about $150 for stuff I probably paid about $500 total on.
Sterling silver got me nearly nothing though.

Instruments (if you have any) sell well on CL as well. As does exercise equipment.

Good luck :)
Suzanne said…
Thanks, I was wondering. I have a few bicycles that I was thinking I'd put up. Hadn't even thought of jewelery, I do have a few things are gathering dust in the box because I don't wear much.

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