Scout Roundup

We wrapped up one scouting year tonight.

Cub Scouts, unlike the boy scouts, end their official year with summer break. So tonight, the Cub O Matic was called into service. Chef earned his third year scouting service pin, a few more belt loops, pins, and a new slide for his neckerchief.

On the other hand, the boy scouts meet year round. I'm glad they do, because Game Teen thrives on routine.

His first camping trip with the new troop was a resounding success. The leaders involved know that he responds better if they make demands rather than requests. He did very well, even participating in a substantial portion of the ten mile hike. (I honestly had my doubts)

Game Teen has a very dry sense of humor. It's rarely on display, but he decided to share with those camping this weekend. When the Scoutmaster told the boys they'd be hiking to the dam on the reservation, Game Teen piped up with "We're going on a Dam hike?"

This explains the picture I got via email today "The 1st Annual Damn Hike at MacGregor Smith". He definitely was channeling his Gramps, the hiker.

I'm wondering what the kid is going to come up with when they spend a week camping this summer!


ligirl said…
Chef is just too, too handsome! So glad Game Teen's camping trip was such a success!!! LOVE that sense of humor, too! I miss my boys. (and their folks, too!)
Lisa said…
Thats awesome , Im glad to hear that it is working out good ! Love the picture
Suzanne said…
Donna, did you get the picture I sent yesterday? Mr Comedian struck again.

Lisa, Scouting has been amazing for my kids. I know it isn't for everyone, but we're quite happy with it.

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