One Class Down, One To Go

These web based classes are great, but taking them during the kid's summer break means I can't crack the books until they're in bed. There is all sorts of chaos going on in the house when they're up.

I know what you're thinking, that I should just send them outside to play. If we lived just about anywhere but here, that would probably happen. However, the Florida experience is the opposite of most of the country: when you're freezing and hiding inside, we're enjoying the cool weather by barbequeing, camping and hanging out on the lanai for dinner most nights. Then, by the time you are starting to emerge from your houses and enjoying the glorious weather, the blast furnaces are turned to FULL here-and WE hide inside!

Thus, my studying tends to happen after 10 most nights. At least for another eight weeks. I think it's working.

Today, a classmate sent out an email, asking if anyone was going to dispute their grade. It sounds like a lot of them will-the extra credit for turning in a report early wasn't calculated correctly, on top of the several questions on the final that were poorly worded. (This is where I am thankful for being an extremely fast reader-I didn't sweat spending five minutes or more on the few that were designed to trip us up).

My final grade hasn't shown up on Blackboard, it still shows the 98.45 that doesn't factor the assignment that didn't get done. Wait a minute, how are they disputing it if they're not posted on Blackboard or OASIS?

Then I was given the tip that many a veteran student in Florida is aware of: Go to your Graduation check in the state education website and you'll find it. Sweet. Off I go to check my SASS audit and there it was:

0905 ARH3001 4.00 A

Perhaps my email to her disputing the question as soon as the final closed did it. Maybe she thought .4 away was good enough. In any case, I've got my A.

Now, if you'll excuse me. The kids are in bed-it's time to study. At least in this class, I haven't missed a single test and I'm running at a 97.


LceeL said…
Good work. Keep it up. Gotta show them kids that A's are cool - and important - and attainable. And since they think they're smarter than you are anyway - that means that they should be capable at at LEAST the same grades you get, right?

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