Opening Pandora's Box

I opened Pandora's box last night. You know about Pandora, right? If you don't, maybe you should.

It's internet radio that utilizes the Music Genome project. Basically, you tell Pandora what you like, and Pandora uses algorhythms to find other things you may like. You rate it as like or don't like and Pandora further refines the play list to you.

For instance, if you say you like Billy Joel, Pandora might suggest Elton John, because both are singer/songwriters. Say, you don't like Elton, just click the thumbs down. Two thumbs down for an artist and they are forever removed from your play list.

The channel can be shared and you can have different channels for different moods. Ed's been playing with Pandora for a while with Progressive Rock artists. Pandora still throws crap out of the box at him, so I was curious what happens when a person puts some diverse artists together.

October Project
Jim Croce
Billy Joel
Joe Jackson
Alison Krauss
Flim and the BB's

I wanted to see what Pandora would send my way. The algorhythms are pretty advanced, because I had many artists played that are in my CD library, like some obscure tracks from the Rippington's, Yellowjackets and Howard Jones. Then I got tracks from other artists, and it was because my tastes indicated I liked jazz with latin rhythms, harmonies and syncopation. Cool.

We shall see what else comes out of Pandora's box, but I'll have fun with it. It's cool to get a new artist in the rotation that are chosen not because someone else loves them, it's because science says what I like is already contained in their music.

Curious? Go to

Not curious enough to start your own music experiment? You can see what my varied tastes causes Pandora to play by heading to the website and putting Suzanne Calling in as the channel you want to listen to.


ligirl said…
I LOVE Pandora! I haven't been over there in awhile, but I remember thinking, "Wow, COOL!" when I found it! Think I need to pay another visit soon...thanks for the reminder!

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