Another Turn at The Drive In

I am honestly getting addicted to enjoying a movie at the drive in. Tonight's feature was Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian with my usual movie companion, Chef Jr.

This time, we were viewing the other screen. My radio actually tuned in the proper channel-until I parked. Then I switched to a row with speakers and we sprayed ourselves generously with the bug spray (they still got my scalp-dirty hair doesn't keep bugs away, just a friendly PSA).

If you've seen the first, this one will make sense, but there aren't as many scenes with some of the original characters for my liking. Hank Azaria was hilarious, channeling Boris Karloff.

It was nicely paced, very funny and enjoyable. The funniest thing, though, didn't take place in the movie.

We're watching a tense moment early in the movie and Chef is caught up in the tension.
Chef: "Mom, can I have permission to say a bad word?"
Me: (think it'd be damn or something like that) "Sure, kiddo"
Chef: "Holy SHIT, they're in BIG trouble."

OMG, I missed a minute of the movie from laughing my butt off. Full disclosure here-Ed swears worse than a sailor, my mouth isn't G rated, so they've heard some bad words. It was just hilarious that he ASKED PERMISSION before saying a bad word!

I think the movie is probably going to be more memorable for that moment than the humor contained within it!


daysgoby said…
So jealous of both the drive-in and the awesome company!

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