In 24 Hours...

I will have completed my first college class in fifteen years.

I'm busy procrastinating studying for my Art History final. One, maybe two more listens to the final review that basically tells us what the exact questions are for two parts of the exam, then I'll review the part one web cast and reread five chapters.

This professor has been interesting. Listening to the lectures made me realize I'm a linguistics snob. I won't miss that part of the course. For a class that I probably wouldn't have taken if it wasn't for the degree requirements, I was pleasantly surprised at how much foundation in the subject matter I had. It probably was a good way to get back into school, with a professor that was unyielding in the deadlines.

That proved to be a problem during the week from hell, when Ed was in the hospital, I was sick and my laptop died. I was denied an extension of a deadline and missed one assignment that counted for 6% of the grade.

Since then, I've achieved a 99.1% weighted average of the assignments I have completed. The criteria vary from professor to professor, but in this class, I need to score a 93.1 overall to earn an A in the class. What does this mean? If I obtain a perfect score on the final, I'll have the A.

Otherwise, it'll be a B+.

I know a B+ is nothing to sneeze at, but I really want that A.


ligirl said…
Good luck, Sweetie! I know you'll do great! I'm pulling for you...I know how badly you want that A!
good luck and let us know how you do on the exam.
LceeL said…
You'll get that A. Because you ARE that good and that smart.

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