Hiker Extraordinaire!

Two weeks ago, Game Teen went camping with scouts and went on the Damn Hike, completing about 5.5 miles. That was pretty impressive, becasue this is the kid who hates any physical exertion, except for archery.

Today, the troop went on another hike. Ten miles. In the heat (mid 90's today).It didn't start off well-he snuck his DS out of the car and pitched a loud fit when I told him it was time to give it to me. He said he didn't want to go hiking and got mad when I said if he didn't go, he would have no games this week. (We call his bluff like this all the time)

I decided to leave the church before they rolled out, because we know if you remove the source of his obsession, he'll calm down. It worked.

It was at this time that I realized that my phone was at home and I was 40 miles away. I'd been told the troop would be back at 3pm, but I knew it was a moving target. Chef and I got breakfast and headed to the library. Yay, internet, I got in touch with one of the other leaders. She agreed to email me when the boys were leaving for the church, because her husband was leading the hike and would text her.

The email came just before 4pm to be at the church at 4:30.

One of the leaders came up to me before Game Teen even got back to the church (they caravan) and excitedly told me "Game Teen did the WHOLE TEN MILES!" Ultimately, all the leaders came up to me to share this news-gee, I think they were ecstatic!

How'd they do it? Several miles out, Game Teen asked "is it just another mile?" and they kept feeding him that. "C'mon, kiddo, only a mile more."

There was one little hiccup. After the hike was over, either he ate or drank too fast. Rule number one after activity like that: go slow. However, this is something we've been working on with Game Teen all his life. Maybe it'll sink in with hiking.

Camping in two weeks with another 10 miler. Now that he's gone the distance, I'm sure he'll do it again. Especially since he's surrounded by leaders and fellow scouts who cheer him on to 'do one more mile.'


ligirl said…
A W E S O M E!!!!! Go, Game Teen!

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