Moving on Up

Game Teen had his Boy Scout board of review tonight. Except for the swimming requirement, he had fulfilled the requirements of not one, but two ranks nearly a year ago. He was held up by the request for medical accommodation.

Now that we're in the new troop, getting his Board of Review done was a priority. Last week, he sat down with a leader and reviewed what he had done and what his goals are. Tonight, he actually went before the panel.

The verdict? He earned his Second Class and First Class scout ranks. Came through with flying colors, even. I was later told "He is SO adorable", which was sweet. You wanna take him for a weekend, ladies? :D

To earn the next rank, Star Scout, he has to spend six months in this rank and assume a role within the troop. He also has to work on some of those Eagle required badges. I think I know what's on tap for our summer!

Congratulations, Game Teen!


ligirl said…
This makes my heart smile. I know I already told you to give him my message last night, but once again, Congratulations, Game Teen! Great work! So proud of you!
LceeL said…
Good job. And well done. I was a Scout when I was a lad - I have benefited from my participation in Scouts my whole life. As will he.

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