Odds and Ends

We've spent the day running around.

Today was Game Teen's last appointment with Dr. N, his psychiatrist. As a patient at a teaching facility, you are assigned to a fellow who has a two year tour at USF. Alas, her time has come to an end.

We adored his Dr. D, his first psychiatrist here, but Dr. N was even better. It's sad to see her go. However, it's good that she handpicked his new doctor. Apparently, his new doctor is completing a two year fellowship in Adult psychiatry, and now begins two years in Child psychiatry.

Then tonight, we had scouts. It was my first night in uniform, as I am a committee member with the new troop. Yes, I decided to dip my toe back into leadership and had planned to do so when both boys were in the same troop. That said, the smaller group needs people now, so here I am.

When you start a new group, there are a lot of roles to fill. Probably one of the most important things is having merit badge counselors to guide the boys as they work towards any of the 140 or so badges. I was asked to look through the book and let them know what I'd be interested in counseling.

That is how I've got 14 badges to assist. Thankfully, that won't be a full time job, but the time at meetings now might mean answering questions and checking progress on cooking, photography, salesmanship or one of the others I agreed to do. It is pretty neat, though if we grow too big, I may regret this!

Finally, those papers I obsessed over? The ones I procrastinated about because I was afraid that they would majorly suck? The grades are in:

A+ and A+, with a comment on one. Hmm, didn't notice the comments column, but the museum report had a perfect score and the following comment:

You bring considerable knowledge to this assignment along with the ability to blend in your own concepts and experiences. Well done.

I stressed over the assignment, in part, because I feared I didn't know enough about the subject. Either I'm selling myself short or I can BS better than I ever thought I could! Now I'm wondering what it will be like when I take classes in subjects I'm very comfortable with!


DoeWDW said…
Congrats on the excellent grades!! I think you're just selling yourself short. Give it a little time and some more stellar grades and you'll find your confidence soaring. I'm so happy for you!!
- Doreen in PA
ligirl said…
I am SO proud of you for those fabulous grades, but certainly not surprised! And those merit badge subjects you are counseling? All of them are perfect for you! (as you know) You are so in your element and those boys are SO lucky to have you!
Vixen said…
Fantastic work on the papers! Isn't it sad when a doctor or other professional has to leave us? Kayla has done spectacularly well with the speech therapist at the school (as opposed to the one at Children's) and now the booger is moving to Mass!!!!! Kayla was so sad yesterday when they met for the last time.

Also, I tagged you for a little fun!
Jeff said…
Congrats on the grades..I wanna see pics of Sooooz in a scout uniform!
Anonymous said…
LOL You can really BS! Gratz on the grades. I'm teasing of course. You are so funny!
Suzanne said…
Thanks, Doreen, Donna, Vixen and Baba! I had some anxiety the week school started that it would be tougher than I thought.

Jeff, patience, I still need to sew all the patches on FOUR shirts (two of Game Teens, one each for me and Chef). Besides, the shirt isn't all that form fitting. ;P

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