Silly Things You Shouldn't Do, But Do Anyway

Tonight, we had one of the summertime activities for cub scouts. This time, the pack rented out a skating rink and we paid ten bucks a family to do laps on the wood.

Chef was excited, he's been to this rink twice before, and he's slowly getting the hang of it-but he falls more than he glides on those wheels. Game Teen does not have the coordination. Ed said no way, no how.

Me? What did I do? I laced up a pair of skates.

Shall we go into the reasons why I shouldn't:
multiple wrist surgeries
a couple of leg surgeries
benign positional vertigo

Yeah, I know, those are all big reasons not to do it. But I did it anyway. Six laps around the rink before everyone got out there. (A half lap skating backwards, too)

I didn't fall, but the one leg was NOT happy with me. Thus, once more people got out onto the rink, I packed it in. No trips to the ER and no need for Ed to laugh his head off at me.

Thankfully, he didn't realize he had the camera or the Flip, so you won't see it.

Hey, some people bungie jump or dive out of planes. I tempt fate by putting eight wheels on my feet...


DoeWDW said…
Good for you!! You had your fun, but knew when to quit. I would have been out there with you - I have many happy tween year memories of the roller rink. My friends and I went every week!
- Doreen in PA
ligirl said…
So proud of you! I would have broken my neck (but you know that) but it does sound like fun! I have no grace or coordination for ANYTHING that involves my feet not directly making contact with the ground (skating; ice or roller, bike riding, skiing) You, go, sister!
Joyce-Anne said…
One the RSD getting its revenge today?
Suzanne said…
Joyce, the RSD is a little worse than normal, but Vern doesn't have the machete at my leg. Win!

Donna, there's a reason we went to RHPS all those times, I wasn't going to drag you ice skating!

Doreen, next year, I'm getting you down here with me!

I did suggest we see about the ice rink next year. It's easier.
DoeWDW said…
LOL, Suzanne, I would definitely roller skate with you! However, I don't do ice - no, no, no! Last time I tried, I banged up my knee and my doctor said I was too old to learn to ice skate. :D
- Doreen in PA

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