What's For Dinner Wednesday

Yes, things are finally settling down here in the Suzanne house. I actually remembered to take pictures of tonight's dinner!

This has been featured before, but it's summer and time to think of the goodies we enjoy on the grill. London broil with packet potatoes, broccoli and mozzarella garlic bread. Yum.

So, what meal earns the "most popular" award when summer rolls around in your house?


Looks yummy. London broil is one of my favorites.
Jeff said…
ah, memories.. the one time Kris and I came down for dinner you made London Broil. I'm not sure if you can improve on it!
Jientje said…
You made me hungry!
My mouth is watering over the cheese bread ... I posted a link to your blog in today's post. Please stop by if you have a minute. Enjoy the summer!

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