When the Phone Rings at 8:45 am

My phone rang very early (for us, anyway) this morning. I didn't get to it in time, then Ed's phone rang. His was in yet another room, then mine rang again. At least I knew by the ring tones, it wasn't family.

However, Game Teen (aka Monster Child today) was off camping with Boy Scouts. They were camping at the state park where he successfully hiked ten miles two weeks ago. Today, he refused to leave the tent when it was time to step off on another ten mile hike. He wasn't budging, and apparently, the leaders who are very skillful in motivating him couldn't get through to him.

So, by 9:15, I was on the road with Chef to pick him up. After getting to bed around 4am. Ugh.

We are very clear on some rules in our house. If you disrupt an activity or have to leave it, you are punished for the remainder of the days the activity lasts. Soooo, if Game Teen thought he was coming home to watch TV and play his video games, well, that wasn't happening.

He's complaining of boredom. Too bad. If you can't respect others, you lose, kiddo. He asks for chores to earn them back, then balks at the easy chores suggested because he doesn't like them. Too bad, so sad.

Instead of the studying I thought I'd bang out all day with the house quieter than normal, I napped for a few hours to get rid of the fatigue headache. I'm about to crack the books in a few minutes, which is the usual time lately.

The sad part of this is that I think part of the push for these hikes is that our Scoutmaster is bound and determined to get these boys to work on Eagle required merit badges with the support of all the leaders around to help them out.

This is the one of three fitness type (Swimming, Bicycling or Hiking) that Game Teen is capable of completing. It's likely that the Scoutmaster's motivation for getting Game Teen out there-get that one out of the way, since it's a tough one.

I suppose it is a good thing that the upcoming trip to meet up with Giggle's family will have a hike or two involved. Not ten miles long, as neither Giggles nor I is up to it-but it's something.

Let's hope it's enough.


Jacqueline said…
I'm so glad to see there are other tough love moms out there. Sometimes other moms make me feel like I'm too strict with my kids. Yet, I just tell them that I'm a no nonsense mom. When I set the rules and they don't follow I punish and I always follow thru with it. How are kids supposed to learn if you don't.
Just thought I'd send a pat on your back :)
Suzanne said…
Thanks. I had to come to terms with the fact that I'm more of a drill sergeant than a mom most of the time. :)
Grandy said…
You're doing a great job toots!! Keep up the good work!! :)

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