What's For Dinner Wednesday

Recently, I mentioned on Facebook that I was making Stir Fry for dinner and boom, there were a bunch of comments. A friend mentioned that she liked to use Trader Joe's Sweet Chili sauce to stir fry.

Inspiration struck-how about I make a marinade with sweet chili sauce? All week, that was in my head. Question was, what would I use it on. I decided this afternoon, grabbing a package of chicken legs because the kids love them. The usual package means there are two each for me and the kids and three for Ed to enjoy (he's working, so I figured he'd come home to them.)

The marinade I'd envisioned ended up being Sweet Chili sauce, pineapple juice, lemon juice, sesame oil and rice wine vinegar. The taste test said it was sweet with a tiny szechuan pepper afterburn on the tongue. Nice.

Only problem is that Chef Junior liked the flavor so much, he ate four!

I suspect that when Ed eats his lone chicken leg later, I'll be asked to make some more ASAP.

Winner winner, chicken dinner!


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