Tampa Fire Museum

Today, we drove over to Tampa to join the scouts in a tour of the Tampa Fire Museum.

It is housed in what used to be Station #1 of the fire department and was pretty cool to see.

This was the switchboard that took all the calls from the fire call boxes until 1981, when things were switched to phone lines.

The fire department purchased this truck new for $13,000. It's still fully functional and sometimes is seen in parades. (I may have a picture of it at the Gasparilla Children's parade a few years ago)

Quote in the Memorial room. The memorials had news clippings, pictures and fire department records of the events surrounding these men losing their lives in the line of duty. It was a nice tribute, rather than just seeing names on a plaque, the kids could see who these men were.

Game Teen proves that you're never too old to want a fire had.

I'm glad we went.

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Todd said…
We are very glad that you and the Troop came to the Tampa Firefighters Museum, and that you had a great time! It has been a long labor of love, and it is gratifying to hear feedback like yours. The members of the Muserum Board thank you for your visit!

Todd Spear, Board Member, retired Tampa firefighter.

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