Friday, June 19, 2009


I took my final last night. I scored a 96.

One question was wrong because I goofed entirely. Trust me, I will never forget that "The Toreador" was influenced by the Egyptians visiting the Minoan society.

The other question was about this work:

For the second time, I was felled by an awkwardly posed question. I suspect that the majority of my classmates got the question wrong as well. (I will post it after the testing period closes, just in case). If a number of students get a question on my exam wrong, as an instructor, I would revisit the materials and information provided to the students.

In the final exam web cast, we were told that the significance of this work is Keith Haring's use of line. That was not what was asked and the choices given weren't clear. Well, one most definitely WASN'T right and the other two were WTF options.

So, I end with a weighted average of 92.6. That gives me an A minus. You're wondering what would have given me an A? A 93.1. One half point.

Or one more correct answer on that final.


2 People talked back:

songbird's crazy world said... haven't been a student in how many years, you had a week from Hell during this class, and you managed an A- with everything else that's on your plate. be proud, girl, it's a major accomplishment!

ligirl said...

I know we talked about this, but you know what? Songbird is absolutely right! I know, I know...I still agree you were robbed and I can understand how frustrated you are!