Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

So, a few days in, I am really digging Pandora. So far, I think she's lobbed three or four WTF? songs. The majority have been artists I know, artists I love and already have on my iPod but didn't put into the "add variety" tab and those who I only knew the hits.

Last night, Pandora started a song and I instantly noticed the style of arrangement, the latin inspired jazz groove, the lyrical piano. The vocals began and I was proven right.


I promptly clicked over to the Pandora tab from the Blackboard I was on to see where this track was from, thinking it was one of the Matt Bianco songs I was unfamiliar with. (Basia and her collaborator, Danny White, are 2/3 of the group Matt Bianco. No, the third guy is not named Matt Bianco.) I know some, but not all of the group's catalog.

No, it was a solo track "If Not Now, Then When" and it was off a NEW ALBUM! It's That Girl Again came out in March of this year and you have no idea how stoked I am. Basia and Danny are renowned perfectionists, typically taking 3 1/2 to 4 years between albums. However, it's been fifteen years since the last release. Far too long for fans of the wonderful harmonies, latin inspired melodies and lush instrumentation.

This first song has me excited.

If you'll excuse me, Pandora, I need to get reacquainted with a musical love's new album. I hope you don't mind. Promise I'll be back, because I need to see what other suprises you have in store for me! :)


DoeWDW said…
Now I'm hooked on Pandora too!! Thanks for the heads-up - didn't know what this site was all about until you piqued my curiosity. :)
- Doreen in PA

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