You just successfully completed NaBloPoMo, what are you going to do now?

Uh, sign up to blog every day the month of December at Holidailies?

You know, the blogging thing has gone well for the month. I posted every day, sometimes more than once, and I barely reached into the back of tricks (or word file of topics). The original plan had me seeing how many days I could go without taking a day off, anyway.

Oh, you were wondering about my leg? I went in search of leg specific posts, since I'm rounding up on a year of when the hell began. There were 45 specific posts and about a dozen more that mention the leg peripherally. When my blog grows up, I will be tagging posts, thank you very much. It doesn't make much sense to tag them now and then do it again when I jump ship down the road (does Santa give Typepad accounts? Wordpress software?)

The leg is doing well, thanks for asking. It doesn't look great, but it never will again. There's some dry, flaky skin and constant swelling. The atrophy in the calf has gotten worse in the past few weeks (or maybe the weight loss has arrived at my leg), but now you can clearly see the tibial vein just below the surface of the skin.

Pain? Yeah, got that. RSD, Yeah, got that, too. After the first week at work where the malleioli felt like I was climbing Mount Everest, they've settled into a pain free existence. I think I should chalk this up to following Nurse M's directives. I am sitting for the whole of my break each day and whenever possible, work is finding me tasks off my feet. Somehow, they seem to be behind whatever measures it takes to keep me at work.

I wish I could report that the RSD went away with the wounds, but it hasn't. In some respects, the sensitivity is much worse. That could be related to all the walking I am doing again, the shoes that rub the top of the foot or from some other issue that we haven't discovered yet. I will do the nerve block sometime in January. The RSD keeps me from sleeping in my bed some nights. The nights I do end up in bed, I wake up often from the shooting pains that are caused by something as simple as a sheet brushing my ankle.

I will add some pictures later, but I think I'll skip the before and after ones.

Meanwhile, off to spend an evening with my menfolk and gather food stuff for taking to work tomorrow. I think a nice glass of wine and dessert are on tap for completing the NaBloPoMo challenge. Hope that I get one of those prizes for doing 30 days of posting.


Grandy said…
Congratulations on completing!! I'm new to blogging so that was one tough NaBloMoFo!! I'm grateful I ran into you though. Now you're stuck with me! :)

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