Live from camping: BRRRRRR!

Originally, I wondered if this would be the day I fell out of the NaBloMoHo's 30 day posting spree. We have been camping and it wouldn't have made much sense to leave the campsite just to make a blog entry.

However, one thing has helped keep me on track. I helped organize an online baby shower for one of my friends. There are a group of about 20 of us that have a little group amidst a big message board. These ladies (and a couple of gents, too) have been like my family on the web. We rally around each other in good and bad times, so when one of our ranks was expecting, we were so thrilled for her.

So, I left Ed and Chef Jr at the campsite (only 15 miles from home) and came home. I would have just gone up the road to McDonald's to log in to the chat. However, in my haste to pack for everyone else, I forgot to pack shirts! Oops. Since I'm home, I'm popping in the shower and grabbing some totes toasties and hot cocoa for the morning.

What a difference three weeks makes! Last time, we slept on air mattresses and never even unrolled the sleeping bags because it barely dipped below 90 degrees. This time, it has been chilly by our standards. It dropped to the mid 40's last night. The sleeping bags are fine, with one exception for me.

The RSD has created some interesting ways to sleep. I've been sleeping on the couch to keep me from tossing and turning and putting pressure on the leg and top of the foot. My work around when camping is to sleep with my foot hanging off the edge of the air mattress.

Alas, even with socks on, that means that the cold air just pools around the feet! I kept waking up because my feet were cold. Eventually, I decided to deal with the sensory problems and sleep the way I like to (or did, before RSD came into my life). I still kept waking up, but at least the first thing upon waking wasn't "FROZEN FEET, BRRRRRR", instead it was "toasty feet, owwww leg" I'll take that.

Oh, and if you're wondering, Gameboy is on a different camping trip. If he had any inclination to act up and be sent home, we told him that he wouldn't come to the other camp site. He'd go home without game priviledges for the rest of the weekend. As it's now after 8 and he's been camping for 26 hours, I guess he took our instructions as gospel. Hope his weekend is going well-and I'm thankful that he's got one of the newest sleeping bags to keep him warm.


Grandy said…
We go camping every year for Turkey Day, and I have been concerned about getting my blog in for those 4 days. I am going to have to have my friend bring her laptop so I can do it. I think we're only about 20 minutes out of the nearest city, so I could ride in and get a signal if there's a problem. GLAD YOU MADE IT!!

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