Five days left and a lot more topics

Remember how I said if you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit? This blogging thing has become one. I'm in the routine of writing every day. It's not all great writing, but even the best have bad days.

My list of topics has been mostly untouched, but tomorrow I may actually use one (or two) of them. I also need to take some pictures to verify that my nifty new Nikon camera friendly USB plug works.

The class I led went well, and the feedback I got netted an 8.2 out of a possible 10. The common comment is that the customers much preferred my unscripted tips to me telling them the info from the scripts. Interesting. That was nearly identical to the last class. Everything I customized was better received than the document sent from corporate. Next week's group will get unscripted product information! Teaching when you have a passion for the product is so easy.

Tomorrow afternoon, we'll head over to WDW to see Giggles and her family. They're there until Wednesday, but all we could coordinate is an hour or two. We won't meet up until the normal bedtime for my two, who will be going to school the next day. Guess a couple of hours is better than not seeing them at all. :)

I think I need to get to her earlier next time, to coordinate going to Sea World. Thanks to our passes, they'd get discounted admission and we wouldn't have to pay for it. If her two are anything like mine, they'd probably LOVE the place.

My favorite niece (I did notice that, Tracey) sent me pictures of her family and my nephew's. They met halfway between their two cities in Virginia for a Thanksgiving dinner. Oh, to see their smiling faces with the beautiful fall leaves! Very cool. She's off to her husband's last duty station in Indiana soon. I don't envy the bitter cold they'll find there. Now, how do I explain to Tara that she's not my favorite, lol? Did you ever think it was funny that Granny had six girls and almost all of the grandkids are boys?!


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