The roller coaster ride of retail

Today is like being on the roller coaster, at the top of the ascent, before all heck breaks loose.

I go in tonight for five hours to prepare my department for the insanity of Friday morning. We've never had Black Friday specials before, but this year we have one. Thankfully, I don't really have to deal with it. I do, however, want to make sure my department is stocked, signed, cleaned and ready to go for opening. I've been graced with the early shift Friday this year.

This year, I've got a Black Friday under my belt. I know how to prepare for this company's traffic patterns. They are so very different from what I am accustomed to. I know the product lines and can answer questions (I hate not knowing the answers). I know all the resources I can rely on if we don't have it-and how to get it in to the customer's hands in time for the holiday.

I am prepared for the people who will want every item wrapped separately and will think that 10 minutes to wait for one present is too long. (I want to see how nice their wrap jobs look!) I am armed with the "If you see it now, BUY it now. If you change your mind you can return it. If you come back, it WILL be gone." Usually, it works. When it doesn't, more often than not, I am the person to help that customer the second time and I can actually remind them of the conversation!

It's like an old friend, this roller coaster ride. I'd miss it if I didn't get on each year.


Grandy said…
Good luck with Black Friday!!
And Have a Happy Turkey Day!!

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