90 minutes to go and at least a half dozen topics to choose from

It's 10:29pm. We just got back in from an afternoon in Orlando. I've had several ideas bandying about my head and have to settle on one. One topic definitely needs refinement so as to avoid sounding like a mean shrew, but I've got 27 days to percolate THAT one. The summary: it's my MoFo blog, if you don't like what I write or have written, then don't read it. Get your own blog. (that shuts up anyone who complains that you don't write often enough, let me tell you!)

Three days in to this NaBloPoMo and I have this all consuming urge to add a blog roll to the bar to the right. I've cajoled another person into joining the blogfest (hiya, Mandy) and I've found about a half dozen additions to the daily reading list thus far. Donna, I know you'll be cursing me-the common theme among this bunch is we all aspire to be as funny as Amy, which means we will become regular reading for you. Yay. (Mandy has some New York Snark in her!)

I realize that many others have a theme of some sort on their blogs, such as Wednesday-Bensday, Field Trip Friday (from a favorite author) or even a more basic theme of being Thankful. For this month only, I will have Scatterbrained Saturday. It's so much better than the often used Twofer Tuesday. Really, why should I put the pressure on Tuesdays to have two posts? The regular readership (all ten of you) should be just so darn happy that I signed up for this thing. Otherwise, you might be back in the depths of the 3 posts a month hell I put you through. Apparently, Blogger was unable to accept the idea that people just might be ambitious enough to have more than one blog.

I've had so many random thoughts and giggles over the week that perhaps I should just put them in print and share the love. Oops, I just realized that now I've got to Ctrl C all this text so that I can add a picture that has been saved to become blog fodder. It wasn't quite enough to merit taking a whole day's entry. On that note, the picture will be the first mention.

Item one (pictured above): Chef Jr's Bear den comes up with activities to get the boys outside and physically exerting themselves at the end of the meeting each week. Two weeks ago, he comes out with this balloon that is so artfully decorated (That there, my friends, is what a child who gets a A in art will draw). We asked him what he was depicting. I half worried that he drew someone with not one, but TWO, tongue piercings. Which would then beg the question where he had ever seen anyone with such piercings, anyway?

"It's a pig, mom" Alrighty then, why does the pig have a mustache? With an exasperated tone, he replies "because he's RICHARD PETTY, mom" (insert suitable "Duh" inflection here). We asked the boy what would prompt him to make a Richard Petty pig balloon, and it was because they were having pig races. He says his den leader got it all wrong (or tried to rile Chef Jr up), because everybody knows that Richard drove the 43 car and his leader insisted on putting an 8 on it! I've just been informed that he's really Richard Piggy.

It's okay if you're lost on the numbers, I think the majority of you are right now. It was just too funny what comes out of the child's head!

Item 2-Ker's Wing House, you aren't fooling anyone! We're a Hooters household (gimme some Buffalo Shrimp, baby) and ventured to one when it opened a few miles from our house. Now, every time I pass the billboard on I 4, I have to laugh. These people directly ripped off Hooters uniform, decor and most of the menu, but they had the chutzpah to go to court when Hooters sued and say "we're not at all like Hooter". I'll agree on one front-their wings are horrible.

Item 3-You can say "I told you so". We both said we didn't need or want camera phones. Now we have them and must resist the urge to text one and all the pictures we take. Next up, Ed getting the software to work so I can resume having "IllumiNations" as my ring tone, without taking an hour to use the monophonic ring tone generator built into the phone. (when that phone was left at the front desk of a Disney resort and rang constantly, I was asked to send it to about a dozen CMs)

Item 4-Wah. I broke two nails. It took six weeks to get them long and pretty, like in the sea world picture. Twenty minutes without nail polish on them caused me to break two. Bummer. I'm not a girly girl, but it was nice to have nails that didn't look horrible for once in my life!

Item 5-In a fruitless effort to find this place (I was told by someone that it was open already), we instead found this place! Squee!!! Now we can have this stuff with the breakfast tomorrow morning.

Barnie's is responsible for my coffee addiction. I made it 37 years hating the stuff until a fateful meeting with a Santa's White ChristmasFreezer foisted on me by a coworker (Jason Christmas, it is all! your! fault!) They make the best flavored coffees. I was never a fan of Starbucks, but the fact that they bought and converted every local Barnie's only serves to make me boycott them. Besides, if I want good straight up coffee, I'm going to Indigo, because they blow the $ place out of the water. I'd link you to Tampa's best coffee, but they have a website hidden from Google.

I think that is enough scatterbrained stuff, don't you? Now, that still leaves the other six topics up for grabs!


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