After all, it's a step in the right direction

Tuesday brought me the short straw on the store meeting front. I was the unlucky manager that came in for the weekly management meeting, then back at 2pm to do the closing shift. We all find that the worst proposition, because none of us lives close enough to the store to make it worth going home, then coming back.

Instead, I drove over to USF and took some more steps down the college admissions path. I met with one of the admissions counselors. He gave me some information and a list of the prerequisites for entry into the College of Education. Thankfully, when we reviewed the list, it appears that I only need three Pre Education classes in order to officially be enrolled into the Elementary Education area of concentration.

That was a big relief. After last week's visit to the BoE, I worried if I had a full 128 credits to complete before finishing that Bachelor's degree. Now it's looking like somewhere between 70 and 80. I may be over estimating somewhat, but I'd rather think I have more to do than less.

My 'to do' list, handed down from the counselor, is to get transcripts from both colleges I attended. USF appears to pretty much guarantee transfer admissions to anyone with a cum of 2.5 or higher. Yeehaw, mine is over 3.0. He suggested I have them mailed to me and then hand deliver them to the college. The reasoning behind this is twofold. I am able to confirm that the University received them AND have an admissions counselor go over the transcripts with a fine tooth comb to compare what is needed to what has been completed.

I asked about where I might go to find out about the CLEP exam administration. Happily, that office was right upstairs from Admissions. The tests are offered every weekday except Thursday. Once I bring a $20.00 money order, they schedule the test for me. It's a bargain, $85.00 saves me a semester in class and at the end, I see how I scored before the grades are transmitted to the College Board.

If I am back at work and taking these classes, it'll be a long road. I'll keep plugging away, and eventually, that degree will be closer in front of me than the Admissions office behind me.

(Ed MacMahon, now is the time to show up with the Prize Patrol! I've gotta pay for all this!)


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