How many times have you...

had eight people at a table and five of them were left handed?

Had eight people at a table and seven of them could roll their tongues?

Had those same eight people at a table and they all knew what Disney movie Chick appeared in and who Jimmie Johnson is and what was important to him this week?

Had a child who is severely allergic to seafood saying that he wanted to eat all the (pretend) shellfish in his backpack, just because his cousin said the backpack was filled with HIS favorite food in the world, shellfish?

Driven to visit family an hour away and lamented the fact that you only got to spend two hours with them?

Watched a lousy mime routine (with really bad music) and been cracking up, because the relative pulled out on to perform decided that he had to make crazy faces to get through the experience?

Really felt bad for your sibling, who discovered that she's severely allergic to CHOCOLATE? (Doesn't that suck?!)

Gotten off Disney property spending less than fifty bucks?

FTR, Giggles has a serious nut and a goofball, just like us. Chef Jr and the L man? Two peas in a pod. B man and Gameboy both appear to have the family photographic memory.

I need to scan the picture of Giggles at 4. L man looks just like his mom at that age-same hazel eyes, nose and chin. I know somewhere at my stepdad's that picture is waiting to be scanned. Perhaps I should head over there with the laptop and all in one and preserve some family memories. It feels disrespectful to take things from his place-but I think it'd be okay to scan the images.

Any ideas on how to get the two families to vacation together? If two hours could make us laugh this much, I can only imagine several days of these kids all together!


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