Potpourri for 100

I'm still feeling like crud, but at least I had the day off to vegemetate on the couch. Lucky me had a brand new book to read. Fortunately, I had something good. I finished the book in less than 24 hours, nearly 500 pages. Now I've got to look on eBay for more books on my list.

Ed thought I was ticked at him because I hardly spoke. That's something he's never noticed about me getting sick-I get very quiet. I'm one of those people that as soon as I stop talking, people think there's something wrong. Well, there IS, but it's physical.

Okay, anyone of the newfound friends from the blogosphere can help me out here? I was wondering if type pad or word press or any of those blogging sites have the ability for private entries. I need to vent about stuff sometimes, and can't, because the party(ies) involved get all offended that I write about things that bother me. I started this blog to be able to vent from time to time and I'm getting tired of not using the blog for one of the purposes for which it was intended.

I think my "just stop, it hurts" email finally got through to the thick headed individual. Reader's digest version: it wasn't just BCCs, it was that I wasn't valued as a friend unless I drove over to WDW and plopped down money at the gates and entered a friggin park. Some of us don't have 1200 bucks a year for annual passes for our families.

I don't have to worry if she reads this and if she does, I don't give a rat's ass. Thankfully, this means she won't be calling me with a million and one pregnancy or baby questions when that time rolls around-because she would do that. I'm only useful if I can do something FOR her.

I'm still thinking she thought my 'Golden Rule' email was a forwarded thing, much like she'd taken to sending me. Sure, fine for you to send that sort of stuff to me, but not the same if I did to you? Nice. Either that or she's really stupid and reading that didn't sink in. Based on Jeff and Paula's interpretations of it, I was pretty clear without being nasty.

Final tidbit for now is a cool one. We have Gold Passports to Sea World and Busch Gardens because they are realistic about people's finances. It's easier to get people to become passholders when you offer a monthly option (and they're a bargain, too). The new park, Aquatica, is set to open in March and we got our first mailing. If we upgrade our passes now, we'll get invites to a preview in February. Woohoo!! It's only a buck more a month, too.


Grandy said…
I'm glad you're feeling better. Hope the friend situation works itself out soon, for your wellbeing. Hang in there!!

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