I've been tagged

How I got 17 days into NaBloMoHos without getting tagged yet defies explanation. My peeps love me, or maybe they realize I've got my secret arsenal of blog topics (now up to 12, since I'm saving the 'things I hate' that was the topic du jour) or perhaps they have noticed that I am already long winded and want me to shut up already.

Grandy, my kindred spirit on the health/out on disability/and go camping anyway is no longer a virgin to the MeMe. Ooooh, ahhhh, ooooooooooooo! I suggest you go back and read Grandy's page today, since she saved you from a long bitchfest from a cranky and sore Suzanne. It's probably better for a retail professional to post this kind of griping during the holidays, anyway. ;) (pssst, dee? If you made it over here...the Jerry Garcia doily is MINE!)

Without further ado,

5 Things about Suzanne (that you may not know, then again most of you do!)

1. When I was a kid, I was the family bookworm. I was what they call a 'spontaneous reader' right around 3 years old, according to the family legend. Somehow, I suspect Socrates* was trying to learn how to read and I picked it up while he was struggling. For years, you could find me sitting on the couch with Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, a bio of Harry Truman off of the family bookshelf and anything and everything printed. Nothing escaped me reading it. (For instance, at 6, someone wrote in to Ann Landers about wanting to take 'the pill' and her parents said no. I thought 'big whoop')

2. I learned how to ride a two wheeler the same way. Please don't tell my kids this, as I haven't spent enough time showing them what to do to get those training wheels off! Now, picture a tiny, almost 3 year old on a 16" Schwinn with an apple seat. How I didn't kill myself, I will never know, especially since we lived on a busy street.

3. Famous people I have met are, in no particular order: Debbie Gibson(before she was famous), Jonathan Edwards (we played Chopstick together at My Father's Place, a nightclub on LI), Zero Mostel, Dorothy Hamill (got a handshake at the Ice Capades), NY radio greats Scott Muni (always had a bottle of Jack with him), Dave Herman and Marty Martinez, David Bowie (thanks to Ed winning tickets from the previous three-AND backstage passes!), Ned Jarrett, The Rippingtons, Ramsey Lewis, The Yellowjackets, Lindsey Brien from the Real World, several NY Mets (I have pictures with Ron Swoboda and Cleon Jones), Bobby Nystrom, and a couple of members of Echolyn (but I didn't realize it was them).

I've been close enough to touch, but not introduce myself to the members of Marillion and Kansas. I was in the same dinner and staring agape at the Who while they ate dinner at 10am on a Sunday when they were on the tour before their first farewell tour and had played the Nassau Coliseum the night before.

4. I am a travel wannabe. The money's not there,but the dreams are. There's an ever expanding list of places to go, and I end up asking people lots of questions when they tell me they traveled someplace I am desperate to visit! (Poor Donna!)

5. I'm one of eight kids, and as a result, the first niece and nephew are only six and seven years younger than me. They're more like siblings than their mom. Besides, Legacy* (their mom) has an extremely annoying habit of stealing my news. Like when I found out with pregnant with Gameboy, I called my mom before I went to Tracey's son's first birthday party. I knew that Legacy wouldn't wait ten seconds after I departed to call Mom. I was right.

She later repeated this by calling the hospital repeatedly the night I gave birth. Several of my sisters sound alike, and when she got Ed on the phone at 1am, he thought she was another sister and shared the news of Gameboy's birth. He said "Don't tell Legacy, let Suzanne call her in the morning." Of course, she agreed, then hung up the phone and called my mom. Do you know how crappy it is to call your mom to announce the birth of a grandchild and hear "Oh, Legacy woke me at 1am, DRUNK, to share the news." Nice, huhh,

Okay, you're reaching the end and that means I have to tag some of you. Ooooooh, the power!

Let's see, who do I tag?

Ben (why not? It'd be cool to see a dog meme)
30 Bef0re Thirty
Imaginary Binky
pwning adulthood

Before you curse me, just realize that I gave you a day's blog fodder in the homestretch!


Grandy said…
Thanks for sharing, Suzanne!! I love reading about people. I have a sister who can't keep a secret longer than she can hold a breath either. It's fun. :)
Grandy said…
p.s. I almost forgot to tell you...it's kinda hard to read the 5 things about you with the font color and the screen color. Had to highlight the text to read.
Just an FYI.
ligirl said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tracey said…
Wow, I did not know #5. That's funny sounds like something my mother would do. I'm determined not to discuss other family members with her so that I can avoid the gossip mill. It's alot better this way.

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