Why I love eBay

Looking forward to getting the cable for my camera that I won on eBay last week. It will remove the following steps when uploading pictures to the computer.

1. Take card out of camera.

2. Put card in HP All in One printer.

3. Schlep HP laptop that has a card reader EXCEPT for my format across the house to all in one. (Note to HP-there are lots of people who have compact flash cards!)

4. Find stupid USB cord to printer in among all the other black cords under the desk. (Note to self: It *might* be a good idea to put some of the colored nail polish on the end of it to differentiate from all the other black cords)

5. Pray the laptop battery doesn't die during the conversion because I forgot the cord was too lazy to bring the cord along with me. This sucky battery lasts 20 minutes tops and I’m far too cheap to buy another one. (Hmmm, I’m saying why I love eBay…)

6. Look like a flamingo while I stand there going through the process of uploading because I'm cool like that.

7. Schlep laptop (and the cord I had to go retrieve) back to the living room and play with the pictures.

It's sad that it's easier to upload my crappy 640x480 camera phone pictures than the ones from my good camera.

I can thank the TSA for deciding to inspect my luggage the one time I checked my old laptop instead of carrying it on. The proprietary cable disappeared at MCO airport about four years ago. At first, I had though it was a case of “Hey, I can use this cable.” Now I think it probably fell on the floor mid inspection and they found it several hours later.

Thanks to Ebay, a new one is on the way. Unfortunately, parcel post is really busy and hasn’t gotten it to my mailbox.

I am so glad I cut and pasted a reply to Lotus into Word the other day. I am positively beat today. The past few days have been incredibly busy at work-so much for the calm before the storm! I expanded on that reply and voila!

Last year, I started with my present employer the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It was very calm and quiet for about two weeks. However, my department has some necessities for the holiday, so I’ve been running my butt AND finishing a floor move that was supposed to be completed before I returned.

I can’t claim credit for doing all of the moves, because frankly, I had not even been in my department until today! Yep, helping out everyone else. Did ya expect anything else from me. Yes, I’ve heard a lot of sincere “we MISSED you so much” which feels very nice and makes up for the soreness I am feeling.

Oh, and that three days off? Gone like the wind, my friends. Word got to my store manager that I usually will give up the third day off in favor of earning an extra day’s pay. She saw that she really needed me to prep my department for Black Friday and added me in for Wednesday night.

Interesting to note: the other two managers were not given the option. Part of me craves the extra day’s rest. The other part of me fully realizes that I am finally given the recognition that I get things done. If I didn’t, I would not have been scheduled.


Grandy said…
Hang in there Suzanne!! I hope it's alright, but I tagged you for a meme (if I said that alright) over at my blog. I'll be back to make sure you got it alright. :)

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