Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I am not in the proper mindset to be thankful this year. It's been hectic, stressful, and crazy lately. To help myself get back into the groove, here's a list of things I am thankful for and perhaps it will get me out of the crabby mood I've been in lately.

* My kids. I've got two great kids and a friend was right, they are the best thing that can happen to you.

* My health. It took a long time to be able to look at the leg and not see the nasty stuff

* My job. It's a good company, I like my coworkers and the products we sell. They're on board with my plans to go back to school.

* Cub Scouts. They give Chef such joy, help Gameboy to make strides in socialization and gives Ed and I an hour a week of adult conversation!

* My friends. The phone directory will never be as vast, but what I lack in quantity is more than made up in the intelligence factor. You all are fun, smart people.

* Selected relations. Those who don't know my family are confused. Those who do are laughing, and those who I am thankful for roll their eyes at the dysfunction that we were born into. Giggles and Tracey (gotta get you a nickname, girl!), I'm so lucky that there are sane people among the crazies.

* My in laws. They drive me crazy, I drive them crazy.

* My friends in the computer. When you can't get out to socialize, the world comes to you. I hope you all know what you mean to me. (and thank God for IM). The day is coming where the world doesn't think we're freaks for having friends we've never met IRL. (or go to meet them in person!)

* Wine. There's a great big world of cab savs, merlots, pinots and other reds to explore. Thanks goes to Rosie at PRP for expanding my wine horizon!

* Southern Comfort. When I need more than to savor a glass of wine, SoCo packs the punch. (Yes, the holiday season in retail-make sure there's booze on hand for the occasional rough day)

* Good food. Whether it's dining out or made at home, a good meal restores plenty. Ed makes the best comfort foot (pot roast) and Chef Jr makes the best PB&J.

* Chocolate. Scharffenberger and See's are tops, but even Hershey's is good.

* Crocs. Yes, they are butt ugly, but my feet don't hurt. That's a major deal for me.

* Coffee. I drink it like others drink wine. It's gotta be good. Gimme Barney's or Indigo and I'm happy. (and if it's at a Barnie's, add a Selma's cookie, too) Oh, Krispy Krack, Dunkin Donuts and Racetrac make a good cup of joe, too.

* Books. Especially when several of your favorite authors published books that you haven't purchased yet.

* Beaches. They're best in the late afternoon when the water is warm.

* Laughter. You can never have enough of it.

Last but not least

*Ed. He still hasn't figured me out yet, but that's okay. He's a good man.

Don't over eat, people!


Your favorite niece said…
I am so thankful for you too! I am the caffiene diva! LOL I love COFFEE! And I love you! I have to say I am thankful today that my mom wen the extra mile to show me she cared, she called and she was sober! LOL she's your sister and I am so sorry about that! But I am still thankful! Our lists of blessings goes on and on but I have to say I sincerely agree that my son would be at the top of my list too!

OHH you could call me CAUGHT... cause usually I am caught in the middle and often times it's assumed that I take my dysfunctional mother's side when it's quite the opposite!
Anonymous said…
Maybe you should call me "crazy" It's 2:30 and I am up getting ready to join the crazy retail shoppers!!!
Kaoscapt said…
Had me going there - didn't think I made the list.


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