the up side to no appetite

Yesterday, I found one of my old shirts in the closet. It was red, which means I can wear it to work for the next five weeks. Last year, it was too tight in the chest (what else is new?).
Now, it's a perfect fit. I know I'd lost about 10 pounds since I last put this thing on, but the flu probably took another five pounds off.

I broke down and took the shot of Imitrex yesterday. It was 2pm and there was no way I could function at work in the state I was in. Unfortunately, it only worked for about an hour. Lesson learned, don't use 20 bucks worth of meds if you know it isn't a migraine.

This morning, I'm teaching a class and had to be functional. CVS gave me some items that worked last night, and I've got some vitamin water to battle dehydration. Oh, how I'd love to have some coffee-but I don't think it's a good idea.


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