Live from Tampa, it's Black Friday

I'm on my break from working the 'busiest shopping day of the year'* As is normal, my store is experiencing Saturday business. It is NOTHING like I've ever experienced in retail before. Last year it freaked me out, but this year, I'm enjoying having ten people on the sales floor. Even if we did double the business, I wouldn't be running ragged.

On that note, I feel like me again. I'm back to my quick pace and snap business decisions. I've missed feeling sharp and in control. I couldn't have a better day to feel like the old Suzanne. I even made some sloppy joes for the staff, to make sure there was something warm to have for lunch.

Yesterday's meal was delicious. The decision to go at 1:30 was perfect, as we were seated immediately. The boys ate well, we adults stuffed ourselves and then headed over to Lakeland with the in laws. Chef Jr asked to watch "Meet the Robinsons."

We had skipped getting this one because it didn't look promising. We were wrong.
It was a good story and great animation. The story vaguely reminded me of "Back to the Future", but in a good way. The animation was retro-futuristic. It seemed familiar, so when we saw that it was executive produced by John Lassetter and William Joyce, things made a lot more sense. William Joyce created Rolie Polie Olie, and George Shrinks, and both of those have the same feel.

So, a good day yesterday and today is feeling like another good one. I'm hoping this trend continues. Cross your fingers.


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