A day at the carnival

Yes, I did promise these pictures last week, but I'm pleading flu, headache and retail insanity.

It seems that Gameboy had more fun riding the bumper cars than his brother. He was laughing and smiling the whole time. I think it was the theme for the day, as Chef had refused to go on the swings, then he wanted to go on them over and over!

Of course, no carnival is complete without some sort of sugary snack. Chef Jr chose a sno cone, Gameboy a Pina Colada, Ed an ice cream and I got a brownie sundae later on. Here, Chef Jr is trying to show off his red tongue, but there's no dye on it!

Chef Jr was very pleased here-he got his favorite driver's car. Yes, I know Richard Petty retired in '92, seven years before the child was born. He doesn't care.

Tonight, cross your fingers that we get some pictures suitable for using on Christmas cards!


Grandy said…
Hey Suzanne!! Great Pics!! I know your previous post said you've got plenty topics to get you through NaBloPoMo, but I've tagged you for another meme. Let me know when you've shared your "ABC's" with me. ;)

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