Oy Oy Headache

I've been dealing with an off and on headache for a week now. Last night, it got bad and it's still got hold of my head this morning. No amount of Aleve has made a dent in it, though. Any ideas? It's not a migraine, so I am not even going to use some of the Imitrex on it.

I'll be back later when I can think properly. Nothing worthwhile is able to come out of the brain this morning.


I don't know too much about your lifestyle, but if your weather is like ours right now (suddenly very, very dry) you might be mildly dehydrated.

My other extended headaches are usually caffeine withdrawal, and I hope that you are not that unfortunate. : (
Suzanne said…
I think this is the last vestiges of the flu. Usually, having a coffee helps me out, but the stomach was NOT allowing me any yesterday.

On the way home from work, I got some pepto like substance and some Excedrin. Aleve and Imitrex didn't do anything for it.

I'm probably living on vitamin water today.
Tracey said…
you could be dehydrated, if you aren't getting calories, no amount of water is going to be absorbed by your body, make sure you are forcing fluids i get a head ache that makes me feel like someone is slicing my head open... only when I am dehydrated, usually from the flu. you might want to do the ER trip for IV fluids.

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