Ugh, the flu

This three days of feeling like crud must be the flu. I waver between sore back, fever (to the point that everyone tells me I look very flushed) and headache. It's a sign that I came back to insanity. Tomorrow, I will load up on vitamins and make sure I take them every day for the remainder of the holiday season.

The 21st is my one year anniversary with this employer, so I didn't think the week preceding Thanksgiving would be busier than my first week on the job last year. Then, it was oppressively slow and I wondered if I would again quit a job because there wasn't enough to do (College bookstore-I lasted two months, then quit because I felt guilty about reading books on the clock. They said it was fine, but I didn't agree.)

Bedtime last night was extremely early for me, 9:30! My wonderful hubby put up with my crabby ways yesterday. He reheated my leftover burger and brought it to me. One bite and I knew I couldn't eat any of it. Then he brought me a glass of schizophrenic red to enjoy while I read a chapter of Danny Meyer's "Setting the Table." Yum.

This morning, I was off to work for 7am. Yuck. The flu symptoms wavered back and forth. I had a floor move to finish up, which seemed to involve finessing displays and wrapping lots of merchandise for grab and go gifts. That always reminds me of being holed up in Mom's bedroom with everyone else's Christmas gifts and doing the job on Christmas Eve.

Like yesterday, if I keep myself occupied, it's not so bad. As soon as I shift into a less active state, though, I am toast. That's why I worked on addressing postcards for a customer event on my break. If I'd just vegged, I would have been down for the count.

Oh, I'd mentioned the controllable statistic that no one else was working on while I was gone? I was tops last week in it. Other than the store manager, who was pretty close, everyone else was FAR behind us. Happy Happy Joy Joy. Now if making sure all the markdowns get ticketed were as easy...

I'll be back tomorrow after some rest. I may fall asleep reading the book that I won off of eBay. I finally got Marian Keye's "Is Anybody Out There?" I scored really well-5.95 total (including shipping) for a trade paperback that is in pristine condition. Yay.


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