Some people just don't get it.

Remember a few weeks ago when I blogged about writing off a friendship? I was tired of being hurt and felt that I was only worth having as a friend if I entered the gates of a Disney park with this person. Never mind the fact that there are hundreds of things to do on WDW property and thousands more in the greater Orlando area without entering the parks.

I poured my heart and soul into an email. In it, I explained how much it hurt and I didn't want to get the BCCs that just pointed out how much I wasn't a part of her life anymore. I left off with the comment that if she couldn't be bothered sending real emails or calling me, then to just stop-it was too painful otherwise.

The inbox today had yet another one of those damn BCCs. I've had enough, I sent a one word reply "Unsubscribe". How would you have handled this? Some off you have the unabridged version and if you care to comment, go right ahead. Am I over reacting?

Yeah, this sucks.


ligirl said…
Yes...this sucks...and are NOT overreacting! This probably means that she didn't even pay attention to your heartfelt missive because she never even bothered to remove your name for her address book, much less even give you the courtesy of a reply. Do you still have her phone number? I'd leave her a voice mail saying, "OK...I've gotten the message and I am leaving you alone...I wish you would return the favor."
Grandy said…
Suzanne~ I read the previous blog that you linked, and this blog. I'm not certain, however, that I understand the nature of the bcc email? I know some people send jokes as bcc so not everyone is sharing email addresses. But I'm sure I missed something. Was there another link I missed??
Twinkie said…
I'm sorry you got hurt. :-(
Anna said…
No matter what the circumstance, even thinking about ending a friendship is so difficult.

I hope that you're able to move past this as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I'll get to that tag! I promise!

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