I Guess I Can't Count Volkswagen Among My Regular Readers?

Since purchasing my Beetle, the car has been serviced at three different dealers: the one it was purchased from across Tampa Bay, Brandon Volkswagen, which opened six months after I bought the car (and where the majority of work has been performed on it), and the local VW dealer, who has only seen the car for a recall campaign.

I got this email recently and it was good for a chuckle. Wanna see?

It's a bummer that they didn't happen to catch this momentous occasion that I recorded in picture and posted on the blog. You know, the one where my VW Beetle turned its first 100,000 miles?

The saddest part? The last time that dealership serviced my car was at 75,000 miles! I know it's not the dealer sending out these emails, it's VW. You'd think they would actually tie in the service record information to generate those emails.

Psst, Volkswagen. I'd be worried if people only drove the car 5,000 miles a year. It would mean it isn't fun to drive!

Though I will say this. At least they're not contributing to the massive amounts of those awful forwards I seem to get. You know, the ones that say bad luck will befall you if you don't pass the thing on. Gee, thanks, people who send me those-you'd want something bad to happen to me?


Kaoscapt said…
I, uh, actually think it's a 25000 mile service - as in every 25000 miles, in which case they nailed it practically.

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