Every Picture Tells a Story

As far as future shutterbugs go, Chef Jr has really picked up on my love of being behind the lens. Game Teen, well, if you give him a camera, he'll use it-but he doesn't seek one out.

We knew a long time ago that he had a different perspective on things. When a coworker handed both boys disposable cameras to use on our vacation at Walt Disney World (the infamous 'blizzard' trip), you could tell what pictures were taken by each child. Game Teen showed signs of being a very good private investigator, taking pictures on the sly. There were many pictures taken of unsuspecting park patrons.

Chef appeared to be displaying our family's warped sense of humor, taking a picture of a souvie cart that had upended itself on the trolley rails while we awaited the 3:00 parade (which does start at 3pm, if you were wondering) and took pictures of several goat butts while we were at the Affection Section. This earned him the nickname "Chef Jr, Pet Proctologist".

Several times over the years, Game Teen has taken a camera to an event, but we had to ask if he'd like to do so. When the opportunity presented itself to once again attend our Boy Scout district's merit badge academy, I listed his options and was somewhat surprised at his choice-Photography. It seemed more likely that he'd choose Emergency Preparedness or Fire Safety, since these are badges he's mentioned he'd like to complete.

This morning, I drove him to a church and sent him off on his way with Donna's camera, but not before giving him a brief tutorial on how to change the picture modes. That's all you need with this kid when it's something he is interested in. (If only we could get such retention skills on the things he needs to do!)

He gained a lot out of the two hours in the class, and around the building while taking pictures. The scouts were informed that first and foremost, they want their pictures to tell a story. That's what Game Teen reported, that's what his pictures told.

My favorite picture of the day, though, is the first one the instructor asked the boys to take-one of themselves:
It's hard to get good pictures of the kid when I take them, because the red eye reducer makes him do a bug eye thing between the second and third pulse.

Perhaps I should just have him do self portraits!


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