Thank You, Michael Proietti

This last season of Next Food Network Star had the contestants complete a burger challenge. Several of the contenders looked interesting, but the ultimate winner had me wanting to dive through the TV and grab that Mulberry Street Burger for an evening snack.

Of course, never one to follow a recipe to the exact specifications when it can be monkeyed with, I made some burgers inspired by Michael Proietti's winning entry.

I started by adding garlic and onion powder to my ground beef and made several very flat patties. Then, instead of Michael's basil leaves, I made a nice basil pesto.
Taking two patties, one is placed on the bottom and spread with pesto, topped with mozzarella and then a second patty, then sealed together.

Nothing beats a cast iron skillet for putting a good char on a burger, and I put down some sliced onions, too. When it was time for the flip, I scattered the onions around, then put a folded slice of ham atop them. After flipping, the ham and the burger got topped with more mozzarella and covered with a lid.

The final touch was toasting a bun, then putting a layer of pesto on the bottom.

So, thank you, Michael Proietti, for giving me the inspiration to take a detour off Mulberry Street. This burger was such a hit earlier in the week that I had to make it again!


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