Back To Work!

This time, it's supposed to be a four to six week assignment. However, I've learned-take whatever time frame given and cut it in half. A week of training and two, maybe three weeks of work.

Today was interesting, with waterlogged training manuals, a trainer who took way too many phone calls, a suggested drinking game at the phrase stated over and over and over "Sorry, guys, I have to take this one" while her 13 year old daughter called repeatedly and the wish for an IV drip of coffee to keep me awake while enduring the boring reading to us. (I hate the fact that I'll miss the Wednesday morning class that I really like, all so I can endure more of this excitement!)

Then, school. Yes, it's going to be hectic for a few weeks, juggling all that is going on. Somehow, in all of this, I need to find time to check out the assisted living facilities that Jane wants to visit, cook, clean and spend time with the kids.

Somehow, I'll get it all figured out.


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