It Was Either This or Fall Asleep in Training Class

I enjoy learning new things, except for when someone is reading a training manual to me verbatim. It's boring and is a quick way to lose the interest of the students. Especially when the trainer asks "Am I going too fast?" and the majority of us are reading ahead because the pace is so plodding.

It wasn't just me. I think we all take frequent bathroom breaks so that none of us actually falls asleep and starts snoring during the process. At least last time, my boss was humorous, reading in various accents and funny voices. It livened things up much more than this one has been.

One of the items in our bag of materials was a huge box of rubber bands. This morning, it was a round of hang man, then tic tac toe, but the afternoon session? I cracked out the box and started playing with the rubber bands.

I was smart. I didn't put them all in the ball today. After all, training is a week long!


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