Give Me Markers and What Do You Get?

I'm enjoying my classes, especially the ones where I have live lectures. (It will suck that I miss a class this week for training. Boo!).

The counseling class has been chock a block with self evaluations, which I happen to like. Several of you helped me complete my Johari Window, and I thank you for taking the time to describe me with a few words.

The assignment was interesting. To me, the fact that only one word was left in my facade (what I see that others don't) reinforces that I'm an open book. Then there were all the words used to describe me that I hadn't considered! No, nothing bad in all of them. Sweet.

In class, we were given a page to artistically represent the self others see, then the backside was the self we don't share. Give me markers and I go nuts, so this was my representation:

Anyone want to interpret?


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