I have my first assignment for one of my classes due at midnight tonight.

This instructor (web course) already has not endeared herself to me, because the stock answer to everyone who stated that we're leery of group projects is "Well, you need to learn how to work in groups because you will in the real world." Problem is, everyone stating it explained how they've worked for many years and are now returning to college. We KNOW how to work in groups, but there's a big difference between no work, no pay in the real world and the classroom group project.

Soooo, tonight's project? There's a 4 step process for determining an ethical dilemma and how to prevent things from happening.

I have to determine Abridged Rights and Neglected Duties. Only problem is that they are not addressed in the two videos or chapter of the text that relate to the topic (and the reading really isn't part of this week's assignment, anyway).

It sucks when I don't have the right information available and can't find it in the course materials!

Wish me luck.


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