Woohoo, Friends in Florida!

Joyce, Tim and the kids are over at WDW for this week before school starts in NY. Of course, this means we got both families together for dinner, conversation and some birthday cake.

We've been checking out the various DVC properties at Walt Disney World one by one, thanks to our various friends coming to visit over the years. This time, the Boardwalk-and a looooooooooong walk from the lobby to their rooms. That said, the DVC accommodations over at Boardwalk seem bigger than Saratoga Springs or the Beach Club Villas.

Last year, when they came over to Lakeland to spend time with us, we ended up at Smokey Bones. It had made such an impression on Tim that last month, he wanted to know what the name of the place was and if we dined together over by us or near WDW. (We alternate between going to see them or them coming out to our place). A couple of weeks ago, we passed by a location in Kissimmee and I passed that information on to Joyce. Works for us-we like 'que.

Their kids have gotten huge! It's funny how when you only see little ones once or twice a year how each time they just seem to have changed so much. I like taking pictures each time, because it's like a growth chart of a sort.

It will be cool to look back on some entertainment from the evening. I let their son play with my Flip and he appears to be a budding videographer. All I know is that my kids were in the car watching what he'd taped during dinner and were cracking up. I think that the dude has picked up a lot of his dad's wit.

I'll cull through pictures and video in the morning to see if I can add anything that can be shared.

I will share this - we ended the evening with a nice birthday for 'computer kid' (I think that's the nickname Joyce uses for him). They'll be on the road home on his birthday, so we enjoyed a cake tonight. Happy Birthday, Dude!

Thanks for the evening together, guys. We look forward to these visits!


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