After The Week That Was...

I spent the day on the couch.

It's probably a good thing Jane decided that she wasn't up for a visit to the hospital, because I'm not, either. I had a pulled muscle act up, on top of the other issues and didn't feel like going anywhere. For those keeping score at home, three of four limbs have some sort of issue causing pain right now. Yippee.

So, I've been back and forth between Farkle, making the Chef Jr specialty paninis, reading message boards, listening to choral music, reading for class, listening to a web cast for class, getting dinner in the oven (rice pilaf and marinated chicken legs), reading some more for class and playing more Farkle.

Ed's mom is still confused, which is why we didn't visit the hospital today. She won't know the difference. I gave the authorization for an MRI late last night and it was supposed to be done today. A neurologist visited her today, but didn't call us as asked.

It sounds busy, right? No, it was nice and slow paced, which is what I really needed today.

How about you?


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